Hi Guys and Girls and welcome to a page about our channel.

As many of you will know i started this channel with the simple idea of helping others by making videos on all aspects of automotive refinishing and repair, making these as detailed and informative as possible in every way and also something enjoyable to watch too.

My main goal has been to help others become better at what they do and also to showcase, demonstrate and review products, tooling and ideas and put them on a platform where they are accessible by everyone and for all skill types , novices , pros and enthusiasts everyone is welcome on our channel.

I hope that all the effort I put into these videos and time in filming and editing shows and if just one person per video says that the particular video they watched helped them in some way, shape or form to better themselves or learn something new regarding the trade and skills needed in it , then my job and all those long hours have been worth it.

The channel itself has some great viewers and loyal followers and i cannot thank you all enough it means a lot too see the same names pop up on videos and new ones too for a chat and as you know i always do my best to reply to all questions as best i can, in the future whatever that may hold for myself, us and the channel all i can hope is that it keeps on informing and helping people in the right way to go about the task in hand.

As time goes on il try my best to also improve the website we now have and see if i can add some blog posts ect on here as we move forward, i also hope you guys and girls enjoy the range of merchandise we have set up and any money from sales will go into helping support the channel and the work and time i Put into it.